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Repairing Roofs That Have Been Damaged By Hail in Longview

Hail is one of the most treacherous of Mother Nature’s forces. Though frozen ice pellets may not seem as great a threat as fire or flood, when it comes to your roof, they can be deadly. That’s why Chris Langford Roofing offers roof hail damage repair to clients in the greater Longview area who have been affected by storms. Whether you need some quick repairs or a comprehensive reroofing, we can provide the work you need to restore your house. A hail-damaged roof shouldn’t compromise the safety and soundness of your home, and with us on the job, it certainly won’t.

How to Identify Signs of Problems

There are a number of ways to identify whether a residential roof has been damaged by hail. Perhaps the most obvious factor to consider is whether you have experienced a storm recently. To visually inspect for damage, however, you should watch for signs such as:
  • Dents in the roof cap
  • Damaged shingles
  • Missing asphalt pieces
  • Cracking shingles
  • Damaged metal in vents
  • Visible dents throughout the roof

Contact Us in the Gilmer and Tyler Areas

It isn’t uncommon for a storm to ravage the greater Longview area and cause considerable damage in the process. Surrounding areas such as Gilmer, Tyler, Gladewater, Pittsburg, Hallsville, Winnsboro, White Oak and Quitman are all susceptible to roof hail damage, too. The good news is that Chris Langford Roofing can provide residential roofing repair that will make your roof look as good as new and fix any functional problems it may have, too. To arrange an appointment with us, please call 903-790-1964 and request a consultation.
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